*AZ State Veterans Legislative Update 19 March 2016: S/E S.B. 1316 on Predatory Lending

Subject for use on the Email to be forwarded: S.B. 1316 S/E: ‘consumer lending; regulation, licensure’

Predatory Lending Bill SB 1316 S/E is scheduled for a House ‘Third Reading Calendar’ vote on Monday 21 March. If it passes in a roll call vote it will then be forwarded to the Senate for a final vote. Let’s see if we can help in keeping that from happening.

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Draft Message

Honorable State Representative

In 2008, 60% of Arizona voters overwhelmingly voted against predatory payday lending in spite of the industry spending almost $15 million in their attempt to keep it in Arizona.

SB 1316 would authorize closed-end “Consumer Flex Loans” with interest rates exceeding 200 percent annual percentage rate (APR)– the exact type of predatory lending voters overwhelmingly rejected in 2008. See Page 2 of the attached for an example of how these loans are paid off and how much interest is paid over the term of the loan.

The current bill pushed by in and out-of-state loan companies is lobbyist driven – in fact, one of the bill’s prime sponsors said on the floor of the House of Representatives that not a single constituent had asked him to support this bill.

To underscore how onerous the predatory loans that will be permitted by this bill are, it restricts members of active duty military and their families and Guard and Reserve members while on active duty from receiving these loans. The debt trap created by these loans could have adverse impact on national security if made to active duty service members. But, yet the industry asserts that this debt trap is good for everyone else.

Setting politics aside, I urge you to independently consider the issues involved and consider your constituents’ concerns with this issue in rejecting and urging your colleagues to reject this subversion of the will of Arizona voters and profiteering at the expense of Arizona’s financially vulnerable citizens.

It is not the Arizona way to allow lenders to enrich themselves off the misfortune of others.

I urge you to vote NO on SB 1316 during the currently scheduled Third Reading Calendar on Monday 21 March.


2016 AZ SB 1316 CFA Facsheet