State Veterans Legislative Update 10 February 2016: SB 1447- Predatory Lending

SB 1447: ‘consumer lending; licensing; regulation’ failed in a 3 to 2 vote in the Senate Finance Committee today. Many thanks to a of you who supported this effort to Kill SB 1447


Please consider sending a thank you note to the three committee members who voted NO, and consider Cc: ing the sponsors of the Bill


I have prepared a draft message at the end of this Email and modified the instructions below.


Senate  Financial Committee Member phone numbers of those who voted NO, in case you want to call them personally to thank them:


Steve Farley;         (602) 926-3022    
Lynne Pancrazi;    (602) 926-3004


Kimberly Yee;       (602) 926-3024



Three Senate Finance Committee Member who voted NO, to be placed on the To: line.

[email protected][email protected][email protected];



The 7 sponsors of SB-1447 (including Lesko who voted YES) plus Yarbrough who also voted YES, to be placed on the Cc: Line.


[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected];

[email protected][email protected][email protected];


You might want to print this Email now to have the instructions below available to facilitate using this process.

Guidance for processing and sending your Email.

When you are ready to forward the Message at the end of this text to thank the 3 Senate Finance Committee Members who voted NO on SB 1447, and consider Cc:ing those who voted Yes and the Sponsors of the Bill


  1. Click on “Forward”from this message so that the attachment will be included with the message that will then be processed for sending. (Note: Clicking on “Forward” doesn’t send it. It only sets it up to complete the processes below before hitting “Send”).
  2. Then delete the Subject line of the new message, and copy SB 1447: ‘consumer lending;  licensure; regulation’here or at the beginning of the text of this Email and paste it on the Subject line.
  3. Edit the message that appears below the blue line below if desired, and enter your name (and retired Rank if you are a Military Retiree) after the word ‘Respectfully‘ at the end of the message. Enter your address if desired,
  4. Copy the Email addressesof the three Senate Finance Committee Member who voted NO and place them on the To: line. High light the whole line of 3 members and then hit ‘Ctrl’ and ‘C’ simultaneously), and paste it on the To: line (put your cursor on the To: line above and then hit ‘Ctrl’ and ‘V’ simultaneously.
  5. Consider, at your discretion, repeating the step above to copy the names of the 7 sponsors of the bill and Yarbrough who voted YES and place them on the Cc: line
  6. Now High Light the blue line shown below (place your curser just below the blue line) and sweep upward acrosseverything above it.
  7. Then hit “Delete” on your keyboard . That will leave just the Draft Message that now appearsbelow the blue line as the text of your new Email.
  8. 7.Then you can hit “Send” to send your Email.


Draft Message



Thanks to the three of you who voted NO on SB 1447 in the Senate Finance Committee meeting yesterday. Your continued concern for Arizona Citizens is greatly appreciated.