MOAA Chapter Level of Excellence Awards

In 2008, MOAA announced an award for outstanding performance by a Chapter.   The Levels of Excellence Awards is an opportunity for chapters to be recognized in one of two categories. Five-star awards will be given to our very best chapters, and four-star awards will be presented to chapters that are doing an above average job.   Each Chapter, to be considered, must submit a comprehensive review on their activities for the past year for scoring. The review must include topics such as: a) notification to National Headquarters by the Chapter of the current slate of officers, b) submission of current membership lists, c) appointment of a Legislative Affairs Officer, d) conducting a minimum of 10 events per year, including board meetings and general membership meetings, d) establishing an email point of contact, e) publishing at least six newsletters, f) a required percentage of the Board of Directors to be members of MOAA, g) conducting an active recruiting drive, h) a Personal Affairs program, i) membership in a state Council of Chapters, and other measures of Chapter performance.   The submissions are judged in the late summer for the preceding year and the results announced in the fall.


The Coronado Chapter was award the highest recognition of a 5-Star Chapter .   The flag banner was presented by Adm Norb Ryan during a visit to a membership event held at the Windemere Hotel in September 2007.


The Coronado Chapter again was recognized as a 5-Star Chapter


The Coronado Chapter again was recognized as a 5-Star Chapter and the 2008 banner was presented by GEN Carns at the Chapter President’s Symposium in September 2008. Of the 407 Chapters nationwide, only 52 chapters were so recognized


The Coronado Chapter again was recognized as a 5-Star Chapter and the 2009 banner was presented by GEN (R) USMC Neal, MOAA President presenting. Only 89 winners out of a total of 439 Chapters.

We also won a Unique Communications Award in 2009 for Col Gene Fenstermacher, USAF (Ret.)-Legislative Review-  the best in the West !