MOAA Spouse E-News, June 16, 2016

MOAA Spouse E-News

Summer – A Season of Change for Military Families

School is out for summer, and that means it’s PCS time, too. MOAA isn’t immune from the effects of PCS season, either.


As the end of the school year rolls around, military families either begin packing out or watch a few friends prepare to move on to their next adventure. Here at MOAA, we don’t escape the consequences of PCS season either. Recently, we wrapped up another year with a great class of Currently Serving Spouse Advisory Council members, and a few of them are packing up and moving out of the area.

Additionally, Jennifer is getting ready to PCS with her Marine Corps family. Luckily, she will continue to support MOAA Spouse Programs on a virtual basis from the Pacific Coast. Like many of you, she’s shopping for a place to live that meets the needs of her servicemember, her children, and the needs of her career and a little fun whenever possible, to make the most of the next millife chapter.

We hope that whether you are saying goodbyes, or trying to reestablish roots, you utilize all of the resources available to you. When in doubt on where to find those resources, we have them, on our blogs and Facebook pages, or you can email

Thank you for all you and your family do, and for being part of our MOAA military family.

Yours in Service,

Brooke & Jennifer

Networking in a New Place

As a new military bride, all starry-eyed over my lieutenant in dress blues and confused with the new “language” of acronyms, I recall one particular piece of advice a retired sergeant major’s spouse provided: “If there’s one thing you can be certain of with military life, it’s that you will move – a lot.”

For many military spouses, repeated moves at the discretion of Uncle Sam are simply a lifestyle requirement we become accustomed to; but it rarely means it gets easier. Relocating presents many professional challenges – new house, new job, new culture – but one of the most overlooked aspects of PCS is cultivating a new network.

Here are a few tips to accelerate your professional contacts like a pro.

Delaying College for a Good Reason

A gap year is unusual for many Americans. As such, Malia Obama’s decision elicited expected criticisms from people who think a kid should go right to college. But, as a college faculty member, I can tell you there are kids in college who are there solely because they’re trapped in the rhetoric of “go to college,” and it’s the next item on their checklist of life. As a result, their grades are average or worse and many end up taking extra years to finish college.

My observations have been that these kids would have benefited by waiting a bit and doing something like a gap year. And guess what? Research backs this up.

Career Relaunch

More and more people are talking about taking breaks from their careers — to have and raise children, to take care of ill and elderly parents, to go back to school or change their career trajectory. Military spouses, on the other hand, have been doing and talking about this since … well, forever. That doesn’t mean those other people don’t have really good tips that we can use for relaunching ourselves into the career we put on hold because of a spouse’s military service requirements.

Partners in Life and Business

Entrepreneurship can provide today’s military spouse with much-needed professional stability as they navigate the life of service. Despite its many benefits, starting a business ranks high on the list of top marriage stressors. Even if your spouse’s day job involves a uniform, they can invest in your business in many ways.

Here are a few tips for starting a business and staying (happily) married.

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